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We guide you in creating a robust foundation for utilizing cloud technology in a way that is both manageable and adaptable to your specific needs and requirements.

Cloud Solid:
Building a Strong Foundation for Success

Achieving success in the cloud requires a solid foundation.

We assist you in building that foundation by providing a technical blueprint for utilizing cloud services in a way that aligns with your unique needs and requirements. This includes best practices for governance, a Cloud Center of Excellence, training, and a dedicated landing zone for your cloud services.

Our team of cloud-native experts offers support for everything from development to agile coaching, ensuring a smooth transition to modernization and innovation.

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Why Marmahost?

Speed up success

Speed up success

Accelerate your results by leveraging our expertise as cloud pioneers. Our 100% cloud heritage and proven track record of helping teams evolve from legacy technologies and working practices, ensures that you'll achieve better, faster, and more sustainable outcomes with our guidance as cloud experts.

Empower your team

Empower your team

Maximize the value and cost savings of the cloud by empowering your team with our commercially focused approach. Our use of proprietary tools and technologies, along with support in technology, training, design, and DevOps, enables your team to fully capitalize on the benefits of the cloud.

Unbiased  guidance

Unbiased guidance

Receive unbiased and comprehensive advice by partnering with us, a leading provider for all major public cloud platforms - Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Our platform neutrality ensures that our advice takes into account your entire technology stack, always with your best interests in mind.

Maximizing Value and Speed

We design your cloud journey to provide value in the short, medium and long term by incorporating a Cloud Center of Excellence, best practice governance, and technology implementation for a comprehensive approach to sustainable cloud adoption.

Cloud driven result

Achieving scalability and replicable results through Cloud-driven delivery.

Our approach to building a cloud foundation focuses on establishing landing zones and governance, ensuring efficient operation with high availability and minimal human intervention. Our methodology utilizes automation and tools for easy and cost-effective expansion of your cloud capabilities.

Empower Your Team: Essential Upskilling.

Our 360-degree approach to training and coaching, covering everything from technical training to DevOps and agile, enables you to maximize value and velocity.

Our clients see great results because our approach empowers staff to deliver more efficiently and flexibly, by getting them excited about new opportunities and capabilities.

"Marmahost provides the knowledge and tools to empower your team to achieve success on their own"

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